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Expansion of anti cancer section
Mega International is in the process of expanding its range of anti-cancer products, with an emphasis on injectables.


Welcome to Mega International Private Limited

Mega International Private Limited is fast growing company involved in contract manufacturing and the loan license production of Pharmaceutical Formulations. Total dedication to quality standards in manufacturing has established Mega International as a reliable manufacturing out-source.

Pharmaceutical products requiring specialized equipment and expertise, benefit most from contract manufacturing. A contract manufacturer can offer assistance without added resources, such as staff, research, finances and supplies. One of the greatest industry challenges is the pressure to introduce a constant stream of new and innovative products, hence Mega International enables its clients to concentrate on their marketing, and development aspects while the plant ensures quick delivery to the market while focusing on the core manufacturing activities.

The company’s plant has state - of - the - art infrastructure to manufacture a wide range of products ranging from a broad spectrum of antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents, antidiarrhoeal agents, analgesic and antipyretic drugs, nutritional and calcium supplements, sedatives, hypnotic and anxiolytic agents, decongestant-antipyretic drugs, agents for liver therapeutics, haematinics, tropical dermatological formulations, muscle relaxants, anticancer and antiretroviral products. Our products are registered for export in Myanmar, Nigeria, Ghana, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Russia.

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